Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cynthia Prema Bromberg

My name is Cynthia Prema Bromberg. I am from Argentina and currently reside in Buenos Aires, in a city town called Tigre, outside the capital city which has a river nearby, and some islands around called Delta. 
I have worked as a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist for fifteen years now. Six years ago, I discovered my real calling, training yoga teachers. What started as a few hours Workshop ended up being a three-year full-time Certification course. I have developed these activities in La Higuera Yoga studio since 2014. In 2019, I started a second part-time Certification course together with a very fond friend of mine in Yoga Espacio Cardales.
I started studying with Dr Kausthub in 2016 when I first travelled to India with a couple of friends, and we decided to go to Chennai to know Yogi Krishnamacharya’s school.
I had met him previously in Argentina in 2013 when he did a Bandha and Mudra course for students trained in his tradition. I attended this particular course and had terrific results which made me appreciate his teachings very much. Later on, when he came back to my country, I took a meditative course he was offering, and after that, I decided to travel to India to find out more about real Yoga, which I was seeking to live and experience.
It is difficult for me to find the right words to describe my teaching experience with Kausthub. I feel massive gratitude towards him, since my personal development, what I have learnt about Yoga and continue to learn with him is beyond intellect; each time is more in-depth and deeper.
I enjoy learning from him. Not only because he teaches so well, but also because he develops each subject with enormous clarity, in a language which is easy for me to understand. I used to laugh a lot in his classes because he is so smart, funny, accurate and sharp in the way he teaches; that he is always trying his best to express himself with clarity so that students can learn from their hearts and not from their intellects. That makes people relaxed and open-minded.
What really amazes me is the fact that today – in the year 2020- we can learn deep and rooted Yoga teachings in a modern way.  It touches me deeply.
Luckily last February, I could finish my Viniyoga Therapy Training three years course in India, just before The COVID started. I am very grateful for that.
As a woman, I have always felt safe with Kausthub as a teacher. We have had many private lessons together because he is my mentor, and I feel open to sharing my deepest fears with him. I trust him 100%, and I know his teachings come from his heart. 
He has always had a very respectful way to approach women’s teaching. Since most of his students are women, that is a sure way to confirm it.
He has always helped me face my challenges in trying to become the best yoga teacher for my students. Trying to help them from my heart, to be open and willing to give them all the knowledge I have learnt for so many years is my duty. Dr Kausthub Desikachar also keeps improving my personal practise to assist me in my development and face everyday challenges. 
I  always remember a phrase Kausthub gave to us before beginning the Viniyoga Therapy Training course:
“Connect to your Heart
Offer free of expectations
Receive without guilt
Take time to appreciate experiences”.
I think this last phrase was just for me because it helped me a lot to engage in more deep practices and stay there no matter what was happening, just trusting.
I will surely recommend serious students, who would like to learn deep and true Yoga from a master, to study with Kausthub.
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